No purchase price only a monthly fee of R1 150, Free Support & Upgrades 


We can provide you with a total solution for your Cash Loan, whether you have an existing Cash Loan or if you want to start a new Cash Loan.
With the best software you will be able to run your business efficiently.

LOAN-INFO is 100% compliant with the Fees and Interest Amendments that came into effect on the 6th of March 2016. 

 Loan-Info is available in two versions:
1) Full version with all the bells and whistles and integrations.
2) SACRRA Only version. Requires the minimum information to be inputted to allow for
processing and uploading of the transactions to the SACRRA DTH.
This version was designed if you have your own Loan Management system,
use Excel, Paper or something else that can't do the SACRRA submissions.
You put in your Loan Amount, Initiation Fee, Interest Amount, Account Management Fee,
VAT, Payments and your transactions is submitted to the SACRRA DTH.


Loan-Info is registered with SACRRA as a SSP\LMS\Affiliate-Led Group Leader(ALG).
By joining as a Loan-Info ALG Member you can have a huge saving on the yearly SACRRA Fees.
Normal SACRRA yearly Fees:
SACRRA yearly Loan-Info ALG Membership Fee +-R815.00 (Depending on Category).
Loan-Info ALG Members don’t need to register directly with SACRRA, your SACRRA registration will be handled by us.
As you can see you will benefit greatly by being a Loan-Info ALG Member.
Regulation 19 (13) of the National Credit Act, 34 of 2005, as amended
Loan-Info is a member of the South African Credit & Risk Reporting Association (SACRRA)
under the SACRRA Affiliate Leader Group (ALG) Membership

SACRRA Award - Click to view Large Image



System Integrated into Loan-Info to automate everything.
Automatically load of AEDOS/NAEDOS/ACB transactions, Automatically processing
of payments received, Etc.

Credit Life Insurance.

Credit Checks.

Credit Checks.


Contracts and Quotations in all 11 official languages supported

Full accounting system.
Create PDF files for reports and automatically mail them
Tons of other extras and features free of charge

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